Perpetual LDX 86/86N C86N 4K eLicence for Worldcam
XF Universe Fiber Adaptor
XCU Universe UXF
(LDK-4640/20) OCP 400 Control Panel
(LDK-5903/00) AC Power Supply
(LDK-5031/10) Tripod Adaptor Plate
(Eyecatcher EC200) EyeCatcher 200 2″ Ocular Color Viewfinder
EyeCatcher (744/15) 7.4-OLED viewfinder with articulated arm
(LDK 6992/12) Sunhood

(LDK 4475/15) Reflex SuperXpander large Lens Adaptor
(LDK 6503/00) Wedge Plate

Advanced Imaging Camera System

Multiformat Native (HD/3G/4K) & Multispeed (1X/3X/6X) System Camera

Grass Valley LDX 86N is a content acquisition system, combined with outstanding image performance, excellent light sensitivity and the ability to use standard HD/4K lenses.

LDX 86N-series is based around new advanced 4K XensiumHAWK CMOS imager along with unique pixel technology DPMUltra (dynamic pixel management) functionality to provide outstanding native 4K UHD, 3G and HD image performance, with the ability to use standard HD lenses.

This allows cameras to have highest sensitivity and image performance across different video formats. This includes extended colour gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020 and a software upgrade to enable 15 F-stops of high dynamic range (HDR) in single-speed operation.

A single camera that meets all your operational needs. From single-speed cutting-edge HD to ultra-clean XtremeSpeed and crisp 4K. Optional HDR for single-speed operation is available via a perpetual GV-eLicense.

ES Broadcast Hire is an approved rental partner for Tektronix, Grass Valley and Fujinon recognising our expertise in providing the cutting-edge 4K broadcast equipment that our clients need.

As part of our focus on supporting the move to UHD broadcast, we have not only invested in 4K cameras, lenses and monitors, but also in high-quality Tektronix 4K test and measurement equipment.

To complement 4K camera system you can choose from our portfolio of 4K compatible lenses like Fujinon UA22x8Fujinon UA14x4.5Canon CJ20x7.8B or Canon CJ12x4.3 IASE.